NoLoGo-chic absolutely loved attending a number of Shows and Fairs throughout Spring and Summer this year. Our main purpose of showing at exhibitions was to actually meet our customers old and new. To hear what you have to say, see at first hand how the clothes fit and to actually listen to you and learn. 
An enormous best seller for NoLoGo-chic this year has been our printed pure linen tunics and printed pure cotton tunics. Customers have fallen seriously in love with our version of this easy to wear garment, which we feel is the fastest way of clothing oneself with a touch of carefree glamour. From Cheshire, Gloucestershire, Hertfordshire, Surrey and London we were privileged to watch our customers emerge from the fitting room looking pretty, slimmer, happy and often so amazed at their transformation, their eyes glinted with girly tears! The choice then was not whether to buy the one they wore, but whether they ought to buy 2 or 3 of the tunics and the agony of deciding in which of our 5 prints. 
Most Tunic dresses were bought to wear on holiday. A hard working garment to throw on for breakfast; slip on at lunch over a swimsuit or to look cool and elegant at cocktails in the evening. A couple of our tunics in your suitcase can really be heaven sent to eliminate hotel room dithering of what to wear. 
Whilst the winter winds were still blowing in England, I was sitting in the almost warm coffee shop, newly named 1911, at the magnificent Hotel Imperial in New Delhi waiting for inspiration to arrive. I have sat here, many times, over many years. My home away from home.  
The waiters, in fact, most of the reception staff and I, are growing old together, even though, for most of the year we are continents apart we have a closeness and fondness of each other, which I treasure. As a hugely successful clothes designer for decades, creating collections for High Street stores, many a late night I would sit here unwinding after a long, typical designer’s day, having dealt with success or disaster putting collections together in the factories. The restaurant was then called the Garden Party, and the grass-green uniforms of the fabulously turbaned waiters always brought a calming mood to my mind. These waiters have seen me furiously sketch when an idea suddenly took hold, even fetching me Hotel letterheads from reception when I need more paper to draw on. They have seen my face tear stained, when that days collection looked as close to the end of the world as I could bear. 
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